7 February 2022

GRSP in-country organizations come together in Manila

1 August 2014

Through many of the sustainable projects with which GRSP has been involved and in which local partnerships are built, or through invitation by lead agencies, GRSP has established a number (11) of locally funded (through local membership), locally governed in-country GRSP organizations. These organizations operate independently for locally funded projects with a head office advisor, and as an in-country extension of head office for globally funded projects such as the Asia and Africa regional seminars.

Following the two days of the Asia Seminar in Manila, GRSP had the opportunity to gather representatives from nearly all the in-country organizations in the one place, together with head office advisors and senior management. Given the dispersed geography of the organizations and the busy programme schedule of the teams, this was indeed a rare and valuable full day workshop.

Following a brief history of the foundation of GRSP and the establishment of in-country organizations by GRSP CEO Pieter Venter, each organization was given the chance to present on its structure, challenges and successes.

The workshop then reviewed regional and global best practice and went into depth on a range of topics including project monitoring and evaluation, advocating for road safety, partnering with the private sector, and core to the GRSP mission, governmental engagement.

Resultant of the workshop was a heightened sense of connection, an enhanced understanding of the potential of the network and a focussed enthusiasm to build on the foundations and expand in-country partnerships to further contribute to the improved quality of life for those within the communities, cities and countries in which we work.

GRSP in-country organizations operate under a Memorandum of Understanding with head office, are locally registered (as NGOs for example) and have a locally elected and independent board. There are presently 11 GRSP in-country organizations:

  1. Hungary
  2. Indonesia
  3. Malaysia
  4. Namibia
  5. Nigeria
  6. Philippines
  7. Poland
  8. Romania
  9. South Africa
  10. Thailand
  11. Zambia

We also have an MoU to provide support for the Ukraine Road Safety Authority and there is discussion about a GRSP in Ghana.

source: http://www.grsproadsafety.org

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